What is a Private Freight Marketplace?

Posted by The Emerge Editorial Staff on Oct 10, 2018 4:46:25 PM

Emerge Private Freight Marketplace

What Is a Private Freight Marketplace?

A private freight marketplace differs from a traditional freight marketplace in that it is specifically designed for managing and delegating shipments within a shipper’s exclusive carrier network. Shipping managers and logistics professional can also utilize a private freight marketplace to manage their overflow. In this case, when a carrier from the shipper’s route guide or controlled sequential tendering (CST) isn’t available to cover the load, the shipper would then have the option to post the load to a network of new verified carriers provided by the platform.

A private freight marketplace is extremely beneficial from an organizational standpoint for shippers who realize the inefficiencies of managing freight through email, spreadsheets, phone calls, and overflow markets. All the load details and carrier communications are easily accessed and organized on a single screen. This gives the shipper increased insight and the ability to easily evaluate multiple aspects of their shipping operation when making strategic business decisions.


Key Features of the Private Freight Marketplace by Emerge

  • One time billing setup for all carriers
  • Manage your freight from one place - No more emails, spreadsheets or overflow markets
  • Works with your existing carrier network
  • Expand your carrier network with an instant setup for all new carriers
  • Get exposed to carrier direct rates
  • Increased coverage options
  • Free tracking
  • Carrier performance analytics
  • Carrier ratings and reviews
  • Live chat with carriers
  • Free to use (when tendering to your network)
  • Small transparent fee (when tendering to private marketplace carriers)
  • Instant implementation
  • No installs or downloads
  • Mobile friendly


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