LTL Connect: The Ultimate LTL Management Tool

Posted by The Emerge Editorial Staff on Apr 23, 2018 5:33:28 PM

EmergeTMS - LTL Connect by CEO


LTL connect is the future of logistics. It is a revolutionary LTL Management Tool allowing customers to quote, tender and track multiple vendors in one place.

What makes it so great is the fact that it quickly and easily allows shippers to enter their credentials with their current LTL vendors to receive automated LTL shipping rates, LTL tenders and LTL tracking. Shippers also have the ability to connect with new carriers and 3PL's that they are not currently doing business with, allowing them to easily expand and manage their carrier list and broker relationships.

LTL connect has streamlined the way logistics professionals source and execute portions of the LTL process. This can save customers hours per day when rating and scheduling LTL transactions. Our LTL platform is designed to drive efficiencies within the overall LTL process and lower your LTL rates over time.

Easy to use? As long as the shippers have their credentials available, they can usually set up a connection in minutes. We also have an LTL Connect integrations team to help you with your LTL account setups within our system. I have seen a customer fully integrated with 8 partners within 30 minutes. That customer has 4 clerks running rates and pricing all day and they estimate their team is now saving about 20 hours a week, freeing up time to focus on warehouse efficiencies and other freight related tasks.

Want to see what EmergeTMS and LTL Connect can do for your business? Let us give you a 10 minute walkthrough, we're confident you'll love it once you get your hands on it.


Michael Leto | EmergeTMS CEO

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