What is a Private Freight Marketplace?

Posted by The Emerge Editorial Staff on Oct 10, 2018 4:46:25 PM

What Is a Private Freight Marketplace?

A private freight marketplace differs from a traditional freight marketplace in that it is specifically designed for managing and delegating shipments within a shipper’s exclusive carrier network. Shipping managers and logistics professional can also utilize a private freight marketplace to manage their overflow. In this case, when a carrier from the shipper’s route guide or controlled sequential tendering (CST) isn’t available to cover the load, the shipper would then have the option to post the load to a network of new verified carriers provided by the platform.

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7 Reasons to Replace Email with Collaboration Software

Posted by The Emerge Editorial Staff on Jan 11, 2018 6:49:29 PM

You should replace email with collaboration software. Email is out and social collaborative software is taking its place.

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Going Visual: Trucking Joins the 21st Century

Posted by The Emerge Editorial Staff on Jan 11, 2018 6:03:09 PM

Nowadays, everything is “on a map.” From ordering groceries or dinner, to ordering an Uber to get around town, our day-to-day activities are being streamlined to not only make almost any task convenient, but to provide peace of mind through visibility. One of the most stubborn industries out there, when it comes to change, is logistics. Whiteboards, fax machines and flip phones are still industry tools that are being used to manage freight, when so many technological options are available.

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